PENN SAYS: Matching Penises

NOTE: Since this post originally appeared, Crackle’s Penn Jillette “Penn says” segment on matching penises has disappeared from Crackle’s website. The only other place I could find it was on facebook. Embedding won’t work for some reason. The link is below. Enjoy it while you can as it could disappear from there, too.

(Synopsis: A man’s ego cannot trump a child’s right to a whole body.)

Penn Says: Matching Penises

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2 Responses to PENN SAYS: Matching Penises

  1. Joseph says:

    I read this somewhere, but it went somewhere along the lines of:
    “When are father and son ever going to sit around comparing penises?
    And shouldn’t a man get worried if he hears his girlfriend tell him “Gee, you look just like your dad.”?”

  2. KOTFrank says:

    It’s not for the son’s point of view to match his father’s penis but for the father’s to match his son’s. It makes more sense for the father to restore his foreskin to match his son’s penis.
    From a kid’s view he is going to more notice the size difference. Aside from this, my first childhood experience comparing to my friend’s penis, I was intact and he was circumcised, had us believe our penises were just different just like he was Filipino with darker skin.

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