Obama to retain gay global AIDS chief, reports Washington Blade

Dr. Mark Dybul will retain his position as Global AIDS Coordinator under the Obama administration. To quote the Blade, “The Global AIDS Coordinator is in charge of the President’s Emergency Plan for AIDS Relief, or PEPFAR, a multi-billion dollar program to fight AIDS in developing countries in Africa, Asia and the Caribbean. The program enjoys widespread bipartisan support and is considered one of Bush’s most successful initiatives.”

Circumcision programs in Africa have apparently gotten some funding from PEPFAR while Dybul has held his position. However, when he was interviewed by the Council on Foreign Relations about the then-new cause celebre in HIV/AIDS prevention, circumcision, he came off sounding rather negative about the prospect while trying to be diplomatic.

My reading of that interview, available here, was that he wasn’t buying it. However, Dr. Thomas Frieden was also on that panel and seemed to steal the show at times. Watch the almost two year old video yourself and leave a comment on your take.


Link: Obama to retain gay global AIDS chief – Washington Blade [dead link]

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