NOTEBOOK: AIDS fundraising, a “no-brainer” becomes complicated

It was once a complete “no-brainer” for human rights supporters to support funding initiatives and fundraising for HIV/AIDS prevention and research. Now, that easy decision has become complicated.

Every year, San Francisco has a long string of Spring fundraising events and drives for AIDS-related services and research. One can choose from sporting events to dining out affairs to parties for opportunities to give while engaging in consciousness raising and network building.

Unfortunately, I find myself researching the background and focus of the different groups now to ensure my efforts don’t end up promoting circumcision in a population where it is unlikely to have any effect. In other words, I’m worried my efforts, as small as they may be, will be wasted.

The question to ask is whether the fundraising beneficiaries will find themselves embroiled in the business of explaining themselves more than ever, and how this will effect, or detract from, the overall fight for needed funding.

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