SCIENCE: Maligned Langerhans cells may prove invaluable

The much maligned Langerhans cells, as noted in an earlier post, appear to act as a “natural barrier” to HIV. The study, downloadable below, flies in the face of much speculation without evidence that these same cells are the vector for HIV infection through the foreskin during sexual intercourse.

While the circumcision campaign begins to take on the appearance of some grand experiment – with full PR campaign – on a relatively powerless population, it is likely that as more studies come to the fore, the real explanation for a higher infection rate in some countries in intact men will turn out to be merely coincidental and the lower rate in circumcised men attributable to socio-cultural or other factors.

Download de-Witte-2007-Langerin-Natural-Barrier-to-HIV-1.

THANK YOU to George Hill for providing the pdf file.

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