CANADA: Vancouver Pride Society refuses to allow intactivists to march in parade

The Vancouver Pride Society has withdrawn its permission to allow intactivists to occupy a slot in this year’s parade. At the official unveiling of a city resolution in recognition of the Pride celebration, intactivists showed up to demonstrate and demand reinstatement.

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Change Again

I’m starting a “best of” effort to import old posts from

Scroll down for posts in the order they were originally published.

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This blog, Male Circumcision and HIV, is going on hiatus indefinitely.

The way the world interacts on issues of public health and culture is changing. This blog was started before twitter and facebook and the social revolution that characterizes online interaction and activism. The voices being heard today on this issue are more varied, more active and much less constrained to a given form. Therefore, I feel that it is time to move on from blogging, perhap only occasionally coming back when I need to say something.

The nearly 600 prior posts from the old blog have been preserved. However, importing them to from will be a mess that I may or may not get to at some point.  As most of it was opinion, I feel that the factual info necessary for effective activism regarding “genital integrity, HIV prevention and informed consent” can be found elsewhere.

[EDIT: The switch from Typepad to WordPress was an economic decision. WordPress has a free version. Typepad does not.]

Thanks for following this blog while it was active.

- David Wilton

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“Circumcise @Oprah” protest … Thank you, @GlenCallender

Glen Callender loves his foreskin. I love the size of his balls. Wow! Thanks, Glen, for sticking it to The Woman!

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AAP: “Wash Your Hands Clean of the AAP”

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